MOSAIC | MOSAIC Symposium @ Brody Studios
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MOSAIC Symposium @ Brody Studios


02 Jun MOSAIC Symposium @ Brody Studios

The MOSAIC Symposium was a melting pot for ideas and good practices related to design-cosciousness. Through a series of panel talks, it’s aim was to promote the value of innovative design: the fact that design as an approach can promote active participation within important decisions at the societal level.

The symposium kicked off with a keynote speech on design and design-consciousness by Zuzanna Skalska, founder of School of Form and 360inspiration.


After Zuzanna’s inspiring keynote, three panel talks followed, tackling important issues.
1. panel – 10:30 – 11:10
Inclusive urban development
What does inclusivity mean when we talk about urban development?
What methods are there to further the accessibility of urban areas?
2. panel – 11:45 – 12:25
Design-conscious attitudes in education
Design thinking in educational models has been a talking pointfor more than a decade. We take a look at models that successfully incorporate it.
3. panel – 13:10 – 13:50
Fostering design-consciousness through large-scale initiatives
The face of design-consciousness is defined by today’s Design
Weeks and Design Awards. We take a look at the direct impact
of these initiatives.

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