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26 Sep
MOSAIC Pályázat

A MOSAIC program részeként a defo labor és a Kulturális Tizenegy Egyesület egy speciális ötletpályázatot ír ki a Bartók Béla Boulevard regenerálásával kapcsolatban. A kiírók arra...

26 Sep
MOSAIC think tank @ defo labor

As part of the MOSAIC project, we're holding a design competition regarding the renovation and restoration of our beloved Bartók Béla Boulevard in the heart...

25 Jul
A View From the Porch in KINFOLK

'A View From the Porch' is an excerpt from architect and professor Avi Friedman's book of the same title that was published in KINFOLK Magazine's eighteenth...

10 Jun
Fiera Magazine

Fiera Magazine is an independent biannual publication chronicling the best and brightest new talent at the world's design fairs. The editors of the Magazine rigorously...

02 Jun
MOSAIC Symposium @ Brody Studios

The MOSAIC Symposium was a melting pot for ideas and good practices related to design-cosciousness. Through a series of panel talks, it's aim was to promote...

29 May
What Design Can Do

What Design Can Do is an international platform that uses design thinking to address the important societal issues of our times. Every year since 2011,...

28 May
Open Doors Hungary

Open Doors Hungary is a social art project which aims to create a complex programme using the tools of visual education, architecture and design for...

28 May

Route4u is the world's first wheelchair navigation app designed to make the life of disabled city-dwellers easier. The application maps cities from an accessibility standpoint...

29 Apr
Vacant City by KÉK

The Lakatlan (Vacant City) program was launched in 2012, aimed at finding innovative solutions for the community-based regeneration of vacant urban properties. The program brings...